Parent Advisory Committee

What is SSELAC?

Smithfield Special Education Local Advisory Committee provides advocacy, information and community connection for Smithfield families whose children receive Special Education Services. We are an all volunteer group that welcomes parents, educators, providers, and interested community members.

Our mission is to work for the understanding, respect, and support of all children with special needs in Smithfield. And we accomplish this by working collaboratively with administrators and staff to continually improve the experiences of students, parents/guardians and staff members in the schools. Being a parent or guardian of a child with special needs comes with lots of challenges. The amount of information you need to help your child can be overwhelming. Just know that you’re not alone!

Approximately 13% of children in the Smithfield school district have IEPs. The SSELAC is here to help and support you! By working together, we can help the community to better understand the special needs of our students.