Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an application for Smithfield Public Schools Preschool?

You can either download a copy of the application off of this website. A copy can also be mailed to your home simply by giving Child Outreach a call or email. (See next page to download an application.)

I would like my child to be considered for this program, but I missed the spring enrollment. What should I do?

Our preschool program has a rolling admission and 30 minute intake interviews are scheduled once a month, during the school year, for as long as there are slots available. The intake interview allows the teachers to gather baseline data before the child enters the program.

If my child enters the program at 3, does he/she have to go through the intake process again the following year to remain in the program?

No. You simply need to notify the child's teacher in the spring that you are interested in the child attending the program for an additional year.

What happens at the spring Open House?

This is an adult event where families can receive information regarding the program's curriculum, as well as meet the program's administrators, teachers and staff. In addition, teachers share what a typical day might look like. There is time for questions, prior to a short visit to the classrooms. Child Outreach appointments can be made at that time, if the child has not yet been screened.

Can I request either AM or PM?

We do the best we can to accommodate family requests for a particular session/teacher. Unfortunately we are limited to the number of slots available in each session. Often times, we must have a lottery when more than the number available applies for one session or another.

The school bus picks up the child next door. Can my child ride to school with his/her neighbor seeing that the bus is already on my street?

No. Parents/Guardians must provide their own transportation to and from school.

How does the lottery work?

All applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the lottery. If slots open up, after the lottery takes place, we will use the date stamps to determine who will be contacted to fill the available slot(s). If a new classroom opens up during the school year, all age eligible applicants will be offered an opportunity to participate in the lottery.