Child Outreach

Every Child, Every Year!

Child Outreach Screening

Child Outreach is a universal developmental screening system designed to screen all children, aged three to five years old. Screening serves as a first step in the identification of children who might have developmental delays or disabilities and who could benefit from intervention. Child Outreach also serves as a resource to families, providing information about general development, the development of their child, opportunities for involvement in their child’s development and information regarding referrals to agencies and community programs. (Rhode Island Department of Education

Child Outreach Screening Dates at the School Department Building:

January 22-25, 2019, March 20-22, 2019

Can't attend on these dates? Call or email for a private screening appointment

We can be reached by calling 231-6608 or by emailing Colleen Poyton at

Child Outreach will also be screening at the following locations:

Smithfield's Public School's Preschool at Anna McCabe

Dr. Day Care

Head Start

St. Philip

Greenville Nursery

The Children's Workshop

A Child's University

Bright Start

Little Village

Stork's Nest

Breezy Knoll

Briarwood Academy

Ask your child's teacher for more information!